These are some of the songs we perform, in MP3 format other than the last one, recorded live.
For the full experience, stop out and see us sometime!

A Dios le pido - Written and made famous by Juanes, done in our own cumbia style
Alba - Originally a poem by José Luis Díaz Granados, put into song by Iván Benavides
Carmen de Bolivar - A porro by Lucho Bermudez, swinging and swaying in our smaller version of the Colombian big band orchestra tradition
Color esperanza - A more modern piece by Diego Torres, which we do bilingually for the sake of the beautiful message it conveys
Corcovado - A slow, jazzy, bossa nova side trip to Brazil to visit Antonio Carlos Jobim's Corcovado
El mochilón - A long-standing porro from Efraín Orozco Araújo
Garota de Ipanema - Another of Antonio Carlos Jobim's bossa novas, done bilingually in this case, but known around the world and translated into many languages
La bamba - A Mexican folk song standard with a little cumbia kick
La mucura - A porro composed by Crecensio Salcedo, often attributed to Antonio "Toño" Fuentes
La piragua - José Barros' famous cumbia done only with percussion
La bikina - A lively Mexican piece by Rubén Fuentes Gassón done partially a cappella for the fun of it
Mi Buenaventura - A driving currulao by Petronio Álvarez, and a beautiful city along the coast of Colombia
Navidad negra - A cumbia by José Barros P., possibly the most famous Colombian rhythm ever!
Nuestra Señora la Palmera - A cumbia that we believe originated with the Caracoles de Oro (any additional information is welcome!)
Noches de Bocagrande - A swaying bolero composed by Tumaqueño Faustino Arias Reinel in bilingual interpretation
Piel canela - A combination of bolero and cha cha cha by Bobby Capó
Salsipuedes / Tina - A danceable medley of these two Lucho Bermúdez favorites, also partly bilingual
Somos novios - A lovely bolero by Armando Manzanero
The Sloth and the Iguana - Our English version of this popular children's song from Chile
Yo me llamo cumbia - A cumbia considered the anthem of all cumbias, by Mario Gareña, where the cumbia sings about herself as if she were a woman
Tio Pedro (M4V format) - A gato by Chango Rodríguez, and our a cappella tribute to Quinteto Tiempo of Argentina