On Roger

"It's tuba, Jim, but not as we know it..."

Question: So, what can one say about Roger?

Answer: Until he gets around to writing his own bio... anything we want!

Cancer researcher, biostatistician, and tuba extraordinaire in everything from jazz to sacred music - Roger is unlike anyone else we've ever had the good fortune to meet, from his tuba-shaped mustache to how he catches every cue even though he plays with his eyes closed, to the joy and laughter he brings just by walking into the room (no, really, we're laughing with you!).

His trademark? First, he wanders in casually with a tuba - and while the fact that he can actually be casual while carrying a tuba may seem like a feat in and of itself, the true magic is having everyone walk out at the end thinking, "Wow, tuba goes with EVERYTHING."

You want fries with that...?

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